Goodnotes is a revolutionary note-taking app that revolutionizes organizing and storing your digital documents! Whether scribbling down ideas, sketching diagrams, or even annotating PDFs, this intuitive workspace ensures everything stays beautifully organized – with powerful features like folders, tags & search for easy access. Plus, keep all of them securely stored in the cloud so they are accessible from anywhere at any time – making life easier than ever!

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Top Features

Document Scanning

Get your documents up to speed quickly with Goodnotes! Quickly convert physical pages into digital versions and make them even more useful by adding notes, diagrams, and other annotations – all directly from your device’s camera.

Handwriting Recognition

Goodnotes is the perfect app for any handwriting enthusiast! With its incredible handwriting recognition capabilities, you can effortlessly search through your notes. Even better – it’ll automatically convert all that handwritten text into typed words so everything looks amazing and organized.

Offline Mode

You’ll never be without your content! Offline Mode ensures your digital files are accessible whenever and wherever – even if the internet’s not around.

Collaboration Tools

Goodnotes makes sharing projects with your team simple – giving you the freedom and flexibility to work together, no matter where life takes you! Who says teamwork can’t continue when everyone’s on the go? Now collaborations are as easy as ever.


Your content is stored in the cloud, giving you peace of mind that your documents are secure! Enjoy a hassle-free way to store and manage all your important information.

Customizable Templates

Make sure all your notes and documents are consistent and organized with customizable templates. Choose from a variety of pre-designed options, or create something unique to fit your specific needs.


1. It is intuitive, user-friendly interface that makes taking notes and organizing them a breeze.

2. An extensive library of notebook templates allows to customize you notes in various ways.

3. The app’s built-in sharing feature you share documents with other users.

4. It is powerful search engine you quickly find the notes you’re looking for.

5. Also images and audio files that notes, making it easier to track important information.


1. The app is quite pricey compared other note-taking apps on market, so not everyone may be able to afford it.

2. Are limited options for customizing the look and feel of notebooks, has no themes or templates you can choose from.


Goodnotes is an incredibly powerful note-taking app that can revolutionize organizing and storing digital documents. With its intuitive interface and powerful features such as document scanning, handwriting recognition, offline mode, collaboration tools, and security features, Goodnotes is a great choice for any student or professional looking for an all-inclusive workspace solution. Download it now on your PC using Bluestacks and start transforming how you take notes! Happy note-taking!