best goodnotes pen settings interface

Best Goodnotes Pen Settings for Maximum Productivity


Goodnotes is among the most popular note-taking and digital drawing apps available today. As range of settings, these adjusted to best suit your needs. Whether writing notes or creating illustrations, having right pen settings is essential for desired results. In article, we’ll look some of Goodnotes’ best pen settings and how can improve your note-taking experience.

best goodnotes pen settings interface

Pen Width and Color – Customize Your Writing Experience

Goodnotes helps you be creative with its flexible customization options. Make sure your notes stand out from the crowd – play around with a rainbow of colors, various line widths and pen styles to find what suits your style! Want more variety in writing? Switch up the color or line size for each new thought without modifying settings – tap away and explore like never before!

Speed – Adjust Your Speed to Fit Your Workflow

With Goodnotes, your writing can keep up with any lecture or task! Just are few taps to increase the speed your pen stroke, and you’ll never have worry about illegible handwriting again. The perfect solution for times when things are moving, just too darn quickly!

Pressure Sensitivity – For More Natural Feel

Goodnotes has pressure sensitivity settings will take your writing game to next level. No need for jagged lines or stiff lettering – adjust this setting, and you’ll able to produce handwriting that flows naturally, like calligrapher extraordinaire!

Palm Rejection – Eliminates Unwanted Stray Lines

Do your drawings tend to take on mind of their own? Goodnotes has got you covered! With palm rejection settings, pesky lines will banished, and accidental marks won’t damage your creatives spirit. Perfect for detailed illustrations that require precision, this setting gives artists the control they need without lifting a finger – rest those palms right there!

Eraser – Get Rid Of Unwanted Marks Quickly

No more excuses! Goodnotes’ eraser tool will save these day it mistake is made. But don’t expect to pencils or mark this magical helper only works with pen strokes. So make some mistakes; can correct them quickly removes your worries!


Goodnotes is various settings for pens and other tools. From adjustable widths and colors to pressure sensitivity options, having the right pen settings can make the difference your workflow. With these settings under your belt sure than best possible results from note-taking and digital drawing experience.

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