Pointing out the add internal hyperlinks icon goodnotes 5

How to Use Internal Hyperlinks in Goodnotes 5 for Superior Note Organization?


Today’s digital world has made note-taking more efficient than ever before. Goodnotes 5 is a powerful tool allowing users to create and organise notes conveniently. One of the features included in Goodnotes 5 is internal links, which can help you add another level of organization to your notes. In this article, we’ll discuss internal hyperlinks, why they should in Goodnotes 5, how to create them, how to edit existing links and creative ways for better note-taking and organization.

Pointing out the add internal hyperlinks icon goodnotes 5

What Are Internal Hyperlinks and Why Should in Goodnotes 5?

Internal hyperlinks are simply shortcuts within a document that link one part of the document to another. They help readers navigate between related content or topics quickly and easily. Internal hyperlinks allow you to create a sense of order among your notes and make it easier to find what you’re looking for efficiently. With Goodnotes 5, you can easily add internal links to your documents, making them even more useful for note-taking and organization.

How To Creates Internal Hyperlink In Goodnotes 5?

Creating internal hyperlinks in Goodnotes 5 is quite simple. First, select the text or image you want to link your document. Then tap on “Link” icon at top right corner of page and enter the page number you want to link to. Once you added the page number, tap “Done”, and your link is ready to use!

Tips For Optimizing The Visibility Of Your Link

When creating an internal hyperlink in Goodnotes 5, are few tips that you can follow to help optimize its visibility. First, make sure that the text or image you are linking from stands out from the rest of your document by using a bold or italic font or highlighting it with a different color. Additionally, ensure that the destination page is easy to find by adding a descriptive heading at the top of each page so readers can quickly locate where they need to go.

How To Edit Existing Links In Goodnotes 5?

If you want to edit an existing link in Goodnotes 5, tap the “Link” icon at the top right corner of the page and select “Edit Link”. You can then modify the destination page number or remove the link altogether. Once you have finished editing, tap “Done”, and your changes will be saved automatically.

Creatives Way To Internal Links For Better Note-Taking And Organization

Internal links can be used for more than just basic navigation between pages. They can also to create tables of contents, cross-reference related information, or even as shortcuts to important parts of your notes. Using creatively saves time when searching your notes and makes it easier for readers to find the information they want.

Why Adding Internal Links Can Save Time When Searching Through Your Notes?

Adding internal links your documents can save time when searching through your notes. Instead of manually scrolling through pages or searching for specific keywords, you can click on internal link directly to section you need. This is especially useful when dealing with long documents or complex topics at difficult to find relevant information without spending too much time looking for it.

Bottom Line

Internal hyperlinks are great way to add structure and organization your notes in Goodnotes 5. They can save time when searching through long documents, help readers navigate between related topics quickly, and provide creative ways for better note-taking. So why not give them a try? You’ll be glad you did!


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